New Product Series:
GDSFX Exproof Gas Detectors

GDSFX Fixed Gas Detectors are used for precise measurement of flammable-explosive, toxic gases and oxygen. The color display allows you to read the value, and in case of alarm, it also warns with the Red LED ring.

Furthermore, it can be seamlessly connected to all control panels thanks to its connection options such as relay outputs, analog signal output, Modbus RS485 signal output.


Our flammable-explosive and toxic gas detection products used in harsh industrial environments. ATEX and IECEx certified, reliable solutions.

The most suitable flame detectors for your personnel and facility safety in fire-sensitive industries. ATEX certified, no false alarm algorithm.

EN 50194

Products for detecting flammable gas leakage in places where there is no possible explosive atmosphere such as residential areas, commercial kitchens.


We produce robust, reliable, quality products that comply with international directives


We offer the most suitable products and services for your needs and deliver them to you at an affordable cost

After Sales

Our team of experts in periodic calibration and maintenance is always with you whenever you need them

Turnkey Gas Detection

We design the most suitable gas detection system for your facility

GD4R Flammable Gas Detector

Karf&Scoot GD4R is a Flammable Gas Detector to detect LPG or natural gas leaks. The detector gives an audible alarm warning when the gas concentration rises above the dangerous level.

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