About Us


Karf&Scoot is the process safety equipment brand of UESTCO Energy Systems, which was established in 2006. Since its establishment, Karf & Scoot has been offering the most optimal products for the safety of your personnel and your facility, especially with industrial gas detectors and flame detectors.

Our Team & Experience

Our company carries out design, research, development and production activities with its experienced managers, engineers and technicians. Our company is an R&D center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Our products, which started to be sold as of 2017, are at the service of our customers in hundreds of different industrial facilities. With our design and production processes carried out in accordance with international standards, our products have been put into use in many different sectors abroad.


Our Mission

To develop technology to create a future in which there are no accidents and casualties in industrial facilities.

Our Vision

Karf&Scoot process safety equipment closely follows the sectoral developments in the world with the motto "Technology for Safety" and continues its research to develop new products in accordance with the current technology. In addition, it is to bring our customers the quality in accordance with the international standards that we have adopted and certified in the design and production processes.