GD2G Series Ex-proof Gas Detectors

Industrial Fixed Type Gas Detectors

GD2G Gas Detectors

Our series with a detection range of 0-100 LEL% used in the detection of flammable explosive gases

Our LEL or ppm detection series for the sensitive detection of flammable explosive gases and carbon dioxide

Toxic gases and oxygen detection, our reliable and long-lasting series

Karf&Scoot GD2G Series ATEX Certified Gas Detectors

GD2G Series Gas Detectors are offered in three main groups according to sensor types; catalytic, infrared, electrochemical sensors.

All of our GD2G Fixed Gas Detectors are manufactured with explosion-proof (non-explosive/ex-proof) body and have ATEX, IECEx and CE certificates. It is suitable for use in environments where flammable-explosive substances such as flammable gases, solvents, etc. are stored.

For detectable gases and other technical information, please see the relevant product page below.

ATEX Certificated Gas Detectors

Industrial Fixed Gas Detectors

GD2G gas detectors can successfully detect dozens of different gases thanks to the appropriate sensor and calibration combination.

  • GD2G Methane Gas Detector (Catalytic or InfraredSensor)
  • GD2G LPG Gas Detector (Catalytic or Infrared Sensor)
  • GD2G Ammonia Gas Detector (Electrochemical Sensor)
  • GD2G Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Detector (Electrochemical Sensor)
  • GD2G Sulfur Dioxide Gas Detector (Electrochemical Sensor) is our main products.