Gas and Flame Detection Solutions

Karf&Scoot specialises in gas and flame detection solutions such as ex-proof gas detectors, industrial flame detectors, combustible gas detectors.

Industrial Gas Detectors

Our series with a detection range of 0-100 LEL% used in the detection of flammable explosive gases

Our LEL or ppm detection series for the sensitive detection of flammable explosive gases and carbon dioxide

Toxic gases and oxygen detection, our reliable and long-lasting series

Flame Detectors

Our ATEX-certified flame detection solution is equipped with 3 infrared (IR3) sensors

Our flame detection solution with IR3+UV sensor structure, extra strengthened against false alarms

Safe Area Flammable Gas Detectors

Our series used to detect natural gas and LPG gas leakage

Industrial Fixed Gas Detectors

GD2G Fixed Gas Detectors, the first generation products of Karf & Scoot gas detectors, are divided into three main groups as catalytic, infrared and electrochemical sensors. GD2G gas detectors can successfully detect hundreds of types of gas thanks to the appropriate sensor and calibration combination. All of our GD2G Fixed Gas Detectors are manufactured with explosion-proof (exproof) body and have ATEX and CE certificates.

Industrial Flame Detectors

Karf&Scoot IRT Series Flame Detectors offer a reliable and effective solution for fire hazard, which is one of the biggest risks in industrial facilities.

Thanks to its stainless steel, exproof body, it can be used safely in explosive environments. Powerful hardware and software allows it to detect the flame as soon as possible. Its multiple sensors and advanced software minimise the false alarm rate.

Safe Area Flammable Gas Detectors

Karf&Scoot GD4R is a Flammable Gas Detector to detect LPG or natural gas leaks. The detector gives an audible alarm warning when the gas concentration rises above the dangerous level.