Flame Detectors

Karf & Scoot IRT Series Flame Detectors offer a reliable and effective solution for the fire hazard, which is one of the biggest risks in industrial facilities.

Its powerful hardware and software allow it to detect the flame in the shortest time. Its multiple sensors and advanced software reduce the rate of false alarms to a minimum. Karf & Scoot IRT flame detectors are quite small and light compared to their competitors. Thanks to its stainless steel ex-proof body, it can be used safely in explosive environments.

Currently, it creates alternatives suitable for industrial needs with its 021-A and 110-K models.

Karf&Scoot Alev Dedektörü


Ex-proof Flame Detector


IR3 Sensor Flame Detector
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Karf&Scoot Alev Dedektörü


Flame Detector


IR3/UV Sensor Flame Detector
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