IRT-110-K Flame Detector

Industrial Flame Detection Solutions

KFI Certified

Fast Response Time

Compact and Durable Body

IRT Series

IRT-110-K Flame Detector

3 infrared sensors and 1 ultraviolet sensor are used to detect the flame of hydrocarbon group and other organic substances. It is suitable for areas such as fire sensitive sectors, military facilities, shipping.


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Compact and Durable Design
Karf&Scoot IRT-110-K Flame Detector is smaller and lighter than its competitors. It has a body made of anodized aluminum, only 64mm in diameter and 50mm in length. With its stylish black design and only 430gr weight, it does not create a bad appearance on the installation site. Its water resistant body allows it to be used indoors and outdoors.

Rapid Response Time
Thanks to its powerful sensors, Karf&Scoot IRT-110-K detects flames in the fastest way up to 40m distances with a 90° conical viewing angle. It allows you to constantly monitor your entire field with fewer detectors.

The Most Accurate Detection
Karf&Scoot IRT-110-K Flame Detector is equipped with 3 different wavelength infrared and 1 ultraviolet sensor to eliminate false alarms. Thanks to its smart algorithm; It is not affected by misleading industrial and environmental factors such as heaters, welding sparks, halogen lamps, sunlight and reflections. Real flames are detected in a very short time and the alarm goes off.


CategoryFlame Detector (IR3/UV)
Power24VDC ±20% (19. ~28.8V)
Electric CurrentStand by: 40mA
Operation: 50mA
Contact OutputON / OFF
Communication PortRS-485 /
4 ~20mA (Optional)
Operating Temperature-40°C / +85°C
Operating Humidity0 ~ 95% RH
Area of ApplicationIndoor / Outdoor
SizeDiameter: 64mm
Length: 50mm