GD2G Electrochemical Gas Detectors

Toxic Gas Detecting Solutions

ATEX and IECEx Certified

Adjustable Alarm Level

Sensor-Adjust Technology

GD2G Series

Electrochemical Gas Detectors

It is used for the sensitive detection of toxic gases and oxygen. It can detect gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and sulphur dioxide with ppm (parts per million) level sensitivity. It is easily integrated into your security system thanks to its relay outputs and 4-20mA analogue output.

Quick Specs

Gas detectors with electrochemical sensors are suitable products for detecting toxic gases and oxygen. They are used in the detection of gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and sulfur dioxide with high sensitivity.

GD2G Electrochemical Fixed Gas Detectors have an advanced micro-controller chip in the smart circuit board. Its embedded software algorithm guarantees perfect detection under all conditions. It also enables software optimizations according to the needs of your facility.

GD2G Electrochemical Fixed Gas Detectors can be used as an independent device with digital relay outputs (NOC), and can be easily integrated into your control and automation system thanks to its industrial standard 4-20mA analog outputs. It reacts immediately if target gas is detected at the lower and upper alarm limits you have specified. Dangerous conditions for the safety of your staff and facility are avoided before they grow.



24 VDC ± 25%

Detection Range

Check the gas list table


1% of Detection Range

Response Time

Check the gas list table

Sensor Type


Analog Output

4~20 mA

Digital Output

3 Relays (NO or NC)

Environmental Conditions

Temperature: -20/+60°C

Pressure: 86-106 kPa

Humidity: 95% RH





Sensor Capsule

Stainless Steel

ATEX Marking

II 2G Ex d IIC Gb T6

IECEX Marking

Ex db IIC T6 Gb

IP Protection Level



2 Years

Order CodeGas NameFormulaDetection RangeResponse Time
B30EAA521000PCarbon MonoxideCO0 – 1000 ppmT90 < 30 s
B31EAA520100PHydrogen SulfideH2S0 – 100 ppmT90 < 30 s
B31EAA520200PHydrogen SulfideH2S0 – 200 ppmT90 < 30 s
B31EAA520500PHydrogen SulfideH2S0 – 500 ppmT90 < 30 s
B32EAA520010PFormaldehydeCH2O0 – 10 ppmT90 < 120 s
B33EAA520030PNitrogen DioxideNO20 – 30 ppmT90 < 30 s
B34EAA520100PAmmoniaNH30 – 100 ppmT90 < 90 s
B34EAA521000PAmmoniaNH30 – 1000 ppmT90 < 120 s
B34EAA525000PAmmoniaNH30 – 5000 ppmT90 < 30 s
B35EAA520010PChlorineCL20 – 10 ppmT90 < 40 s
B36EAA520250PNitrogen MonoxideNO0 – 250 ppmT90 < 40 s
B37EAA520020PSulfur DioxideSO20 – 20 ppmT90 < 25 s
B38EAA520025COxygenO20 – 25 % volumeT90 < 15 s

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